Tikvah Counselling serves a vast array of issues which people have to deal with in their day to day life. Our aim is to help the individual overcome and deal with their problems, so they can lead a life which is rich and fulfilling. No two individual's pain, stress and anguish are the same and it is some times hard to imagine that someone might be able to help in 'my situation'. Tikvah has a proven track recored with its past successes, giving hope to those who suffer in silence . Tikvah helps their clients by providing the individual with the tools, so in the future they can live rich, meaningful lives.

Is Counselling/Psychotherapy for me?

Counselling, although it demands empathy and understanding of each individual, it is not just lending an ear but a science taught at university level. It equips the counsellor with the means to help people with unpleasant feelings and thoughts to those who suffer intensely from a constant barrage of psychological suffering. We have come across in our years of work a whole spectrum of different types and varieties of moderate to severe issues. Why suffer in silence? Try counselling in a confidential environment.

How many sessions will I have?


The amount of sessions will vary according to the client’s needs. In most cases, clients achieve what they want in twelve sessions. In some instances, however, clients experience improvement with just a few sessions whilst others want support for longer periods of time. This all depends on what clients want to get out of the work they do with the Tikvah Counsellor and whether they have a desired time-frame based on previous experiences of Coaching and Psychotherapy.

Our Offerings

Tikvah respects the needs of its clients and offers confidentiality, warmth and support with a large tool kit to help our clients.


Our counsellors our Jewish and appreciate the wishes and desires of their different clients.


All of our counsellors have studied at University and achieved at least an MSc in Counselling, whilst training in a variety of different posts for varied conditions. 

OnLine Counselling

In the hectic world we live in, not everyone can find the time to travel to appointments, other people might not feel comfortable sitting opposite a counsellor and need the space of a telephone or skype to speak. At Tikvah we appreciate the different types of schedules or issues which people have and we try to work with the individuals who use our service. Counselling and therapy are offered at the discretion of each person and can be offered through the internet by means of skype or telephone.



Prices and fees are variable, depending on your financial situation.   Due to fluctuations in base costs and the need for our counsellors to earn a living,  there are different scales for different locations where therapy takes place.  For individuals or families in financial distress prices will be adjusted accordingly after applying for a special grant sponsored by the JMH Fund:


North Manchester  




Central Manchester:




North London - Hendon London NW4


£100 per session


Central London - Longcroft House, Victoria Avenue, London, EC2


£170 for initial consultation of 90 minutes and then each additional session £150 for 50 minutes


Skype or phone counselling is also offered with our director - Yitzchok Kaye at £50


We are usually available between 10am-1pm, 1.30 pm-4pm & 7pm-10.30pm, obviously there’s more demand for evening slots and we work on a first come first served basis.


Payment is usually taken in advance at the beginning of the first session and is paid in blocks of 3 sessions (50 minutes per session), this can be done via bank transfer, cash, paypal or cheque or a Standing Order Mandate.



History of Tikvah Counselling


 Rabbi Yitzchok Kaye is the founder and present director of Tikvah Counselling.  He founded the organisation after finding a severe lack of qualified professional Jewish orthodox therapists available for the needs of the Jewish community. Although, originally the organisation was meant for the Jewish community because of Tikah's success and quality service, we have broadened our outreach to the non-Jewish community as well. 


 Any therapist which works at Tikvah must have a university qualification in therapy and they must have completed hundreds of hours of previous therapy work with real life clients. Therapists are picked to work at Tikvah only after a vigorous interviewing process and so we only use the best therapists which are available.


 Tikvah understands the constraints of the modern family and the need to keep service costs to a minimum. Therapy although necessary, is not a cheap solution for a couple or an individual. We have therefore comeup with the solution of cutting overheads and using the internet as a medium for our sessions.  This is becoming an increasingly used medium for therapists due to the benefits for the clients.


About our Director


Yitzchok Kaye - Has nearly 15 years of counselling experience with a University degree in CBT therapy. He also has other qualificatioins in person centered therapy and acceptance commitment therapy. Before joining Tikvah he worked with couples where there was an abusive relationship and with individuals who had varied problems. Since joining Tikvah he has dramatically increased his case load and works with individuals and couples to improve their quality of life over Skype. 




What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?


 If sessions are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice  then we do charge the full fee of the cancelled session. Every time a session with a client is missed, there is another individual who could be losing out from seeing a counsellor. 

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