Get Some Life Coaching and Break Free!


Life coaching is for those who want to make a change in their business, social or all round life! If your are feeling "stuck" but not able to make that change then life coaching might be the answer for you. 


Do You want to:


·         Acquire the confidence to move on in life?

·         Reduce the stress and  inner anxiety which you go through?

·         Have a richer and more fulfilling experience in what you do day to day?

·         Build better relationships and communication skills

·         Be motivated to move to the next level of living?

·         Learn how to relax and be more confident around others?

·         Generally have a greater feeling of self worth so you can do the things you want to do?

·         Get a better handle on where you are going in life?


Life coaching is not therapy and does not treat mental health issues but takes the individual to a way of life which they didn't think that they could reach. It gives you new skills and ways of looking at situations so that you will find a richer and more fulfilling life. We offer a non judgemental, accepting and confidential environment. Tikvah is known for its work and its counsellors who are invigorated, genuine, and motivated by the opportunities before them and in turn, motivating those around them. Unlike some other life coaches, Tikvah counsellors are professionals at what they do and can help you on your journey in life.



Who is life coaching for?


Life coaching is for anyone who wants to move on in life. If you are experiencing a feeling of being stuck in your situation in life, you feel something is missing, or need help to clarify your goals and become motivated to take action so that you will stop neglecting your own needs and make positive changes to your life then individual coaching can help you to! 

We cater for:

People at work, Businesses People at Home, People who have retired, Students etc etc



How long does life coaching take?


To make a real life change for the good. we advise clients to come for 10 sessions.


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