Jewish marriage counselling

Marriage and Relationship Therapy


Marriage or Relationship Therapy works even in a serious cases, when you think the relationship is emotionally dead. It works for any relationship but most people come for their marriage.


Does your marriage feel that it has more downs than ups? How do you  keep, create and enhance such a relationship? Is there a specific problem which needs to be dealt with? Are there power struggles and rows or just cold shoulders? Do you feel you are constantly being criticized and not understood? Tikvah with its experienced counsellors is able to offer people a way to overcome their differences and build a better foundation for their relationship, giving them the tools for a more loving, stable connection. Tikvah counselling offers the potential for some positive lasting change between the individuals. That is not to say that the process won't take work from all parties but the end result will be well worth it! 


Many marriage counsellors will deal with the problems within the relationship but not look at the real underlying issues which need to be fixed. Therefore the couple might go away happy from a session but the arguments will reoccur at some point if the causes are not dealt with. Sometimes the counsellors will not be directive enough and the individuals will just talk and go nowhere, on the other hand they might be too directive and cause more strife between the couple.


Tikvah is different, the counsellors believe in their clients and have witnessed couples, with the aid of counselling, who thought that their relationship was over, with no positive feelings to each other. The situations have been turned around and the relationships have become stable, working relationships with a good emotional connection. Tikvah offers relationship counselling tailored to the people who are coming based on years of experience and so giving the tools to help the relationship succeed. 


 If needed couples can come together or as individuals at separate times in our confidential, supportive environment. Whilst you might find that other counselling services will charge higher rates for seeing couples, our fees stay the same but there will be more individual sessions. 


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