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 Make a real change in your life for the good! Tikvah takes on today's challenges by looking at each person as an individual and catering a program for their specific needs. Many people live successful lives but have challenges in an area which they cannot seem to overcome.  This is not as unusual as some might think and we all need help to conquer our individual tests of life. For our online service we have dedicated our most experienced and highly qualified therapist and life coach  - Yitzchok Kaye - to help make those who are successful accomplish even more, while enjoying life.


 In the world we live in people are on the move! There is more going on in an individual's life with pressures from work, family, friends and the world around us. The world with modern communication/media/technology is known now as the global village and just like in a small village each person serves a purpose, so to in the global one.


 Without one of the people in the village (e.g. postman, store keeper etc) there is an imbalance where some function is not being achieved and so the rest of the individuals in the village will suffer. Everyone has issues whether it be in marriage, work stress, social problems, lack of meaning, depression etc. In the global village, Tikvah functions to help each one increase their quality of life, through helping tackle an issue that an individual or a couple are experiencing e.g. relationship counselling, stress, depression, life coaching etc.  


 Some of the many benefits of therapy can be: increased self confidence; a large reduction in stress and anxiety; more satisfying, fulfilling and meaningful relationships; our clients report that they have a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing; increased motivation and passion and having a clearer vision where you are headed.


   For some it is not easy to travel to appointments when they have to do all the other obligations which have been thrust on them! For others they just want to be able to have the ability to speak to someone for help from the comfort and privacy of their office, home or hotel. This is where Tikvah Counselling can help couples and individuals with their problems through the medium of the web.


Each year, more and more therapy happens online with results equalling or exceeding those who are treated in the traditional office space. Many people have discovered the convenience of using the internet to both search for a therapist and schedule online sessions.



















Having therapy via skype means if your travelling then you never have to miss a session. Driving or taking public transport to your therapist’s office has been a time-consuming part of the therapy experience but now that inconvenience has gone. 


Yitzchok Kaye, your online therapist, is here to help you over come your challenges by giving you the tools to help in your day to day life.  Our therapists are different that they are not just here to listen but also to empower our clients with the appropriate psychological aids to deal and overcome the problems they are facing. We aim to create an empathic, non judgemental environment, where couples or individuals can learn to improve their quality of life. 


There is also a financial benefit! The average cost in America for seeing a good therapist is approximately twice the price a session of what we charge over the internet. Without the internet therapy will add up to a very high price after a few sessions. This is where Tikvah Counselling can help! Due to the cutting of the overhead costs when using the web we are able to offer a large discounted rate. Therefore, you will be able to see an affordable, highly qualified, expert therapist at your convenience over Skype.* 


Why suffer in silence? Make a move to improve the quality of your life with Tikvah!


We look forward to seeing you soon!


You Can Contact us using the contact tool below or by phoning 1-800-469-5701.


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Tikvah Counselling deals with a vast range of issues, including various personal issues, marriage therapy or life coaching  (click on the links for more information about what we offer and how we can help you improve  your quality of life). Whether it be a problem in the family or just in your personal life then Tikvah Counselling can help!


The price of the sessions must be compared to the difficult challenges you are facing and the potential help which you can gain! Happiness is worth paying for and the tools and help to reach that life goal. Therapy has a tremendous potential to improve your relationships, help you feel confident, improve your feelings of self worth and ability to do better in the business work place etc. 


The cost of each 50 minute session over Skype is $85 which can be paid over this website.

Please click here to connect to the payment portal. 



*There will be a very few conditions which we cannot help, unless the client is with the therapist in the same location.

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