How To Decrease Your Stress Level


A recent study by the Indiana University Kelley School of Business supported the hypothesis that stressful work will cause people to be less healthy or die earlier that those people who have more flexibility and discretion in their jobs. According to the “stress in America” survey, which is carried out by the American Psychological Association in 2016, 53% of Americans reported personal health problems due to stress.

So what can be done to help people with stress?

There a numerous methods to help people with stress, including mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, exercise etc. Many people use these methods but still experience large amounts of stress due to their situations. The question therefore remains how can an individual have a calmer life?

The methods mentioned above are all good and can help but a person who does not have meaning within their life will still feel the stress with their daily experiences. Dr Stephen Covey was a professor at the Jon M Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University and ran a global consulting firm to help companies achieve sustained performance. He was consulted not only how to run a business but also by the heads of multinational companies asking about their business and personal lives. Dr Covey sold millions of copies of his book “7 habits of highly effective people”. A major part of his book and philosophy (based on the world renowned psychiatrist Victor Frankl) was to make sure the individual felt purpose within their lives in what they were doing. The individual had to find their life meaningful.

The stress caused by the different events in the day and the lack of control which people have over their situations can be immense. Many times it can be quite hard to find a meaningful purpose to carry on when things become too stressful. The beauty of the teaching in the above video, that every event or movement has an overall divine purpose in the world, gives each situation a deeper meaning. The chaos which we can feel when our lives seem crazy, is really a piece in a big puzzle. The problem is that we cannot see the whole puzzle but just a small piece.

The knowledge that there is a greater purpose in our lives which directs the individual incidents which we encounter, can decrease the intensity of the stress we experience. Nevertheless, it can still be hard to find specific meaning and significance in our own personal individual lives even when we know that there is an overall purpose.

To achieve an understanding of how an individual can find meaning in the specific daily life they might need to see a therapist who will use specific techniques to decrease the stress. The bottom line is that both a realisation of a universal purpose and an individual purpose are both necessary in life. Depending on the situation other forms of therapy could also be needed, such as marriage counselling etc.

Yitzchok Kaye BA, Pg. Dip., Msc is a trained, qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, who also specializes in other therapies. He helps individuals and couples with their challenges and issues. He has been a practising therapist for a number of Counselling Organisations but now has his own private practice. He is available around the world via Skype. He can be contacted at

The above article is a general structure for dealing with stress but for specific problems a qualified therapist should be consulted.

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